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K r a m e r A r t . n e t
                                                         To make a purchase...     Please click on images on right side of screen to see the name of the work that you are interested in, then select if from the “Select Image” drop-down box (which is located about 1/2 way down the order form).   Select the size and quality, and your preferred finish. Please use the “quote request” box near the bottom of the order form, if a size or finish that you are interested in is not listed. Be sure to include all of your mailing and contact information, and then click the “submit form” button at the bottom of the screen.  You will be directed to PayPal’s secure payment website to complete your transaction. (Please note that the PayPal site will say “Serious Graphics Service” and your credit card bill will say “KramerArt”. PayPal will e-mail you a receipt.  We will never share your contact information with anyone else. Please note that currently you can only order one item at a time - but feel free to use the order form, over and over again! Quality explainations ... Standard Quality prints are printed on our studio printer using Canon Chromalife100+ inks on Kodak Ultima paper. Premium Quality reproductions are printed by a commercial studio using Kodak professional inks and papers. Archival Quality reproductions are printed on a commercial ink jet printer using  premium products.